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Benefits of car valet franchising

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If you’re looking to start a business, one of the considerations and questions you need to ask yourself is whether you want to start an independent business or a franchise. There are many advantages of starting a mobile vehicle cleaning franchise with Select Valet. Learn more about the benefits of car valet franchising below.

The work needed to launch a business has already been done

If you start a business from scratch, you have to build your brand and customer base from the ground up, which takes time. At Select Valet, all of the products and services you will need have already been established and tested. This includes already recognised branding and trademarks. We also have a good idea of what locations and demographics work best for our system. We have years of knowledge behind us and are happy to help.

Training is provided

All our teams own their own businesses and have been extensively trained in all aspects of vehicle grooming. Training provided by Select Valet will help franchisees gain or bolster the skills required to operate the franchise. Not only do we give you support in the form of training, an operation manual for you to refer to, and additional ongoing advice, but you can also get support from other franchisees in the network.

Work when you want

You can finally manage and enjoy a rewarding balance between valet work and family commitments. Break free from the tedious 9 to 5 work routine and become inspired to reach your life goals. Now that you’re the boss you can make decisions that influence your success and prosperity. Owning a business is hard work, but when you’re your own boss, you get to create your own schedule and have autonomy over your career. A Select Valet franchise gives you the benefit of being your own boss without the risk of starting your own independent business.

Lower risk

Starting a business is risky. This is true whether a business owner is opening an independent business or purchasing a franchise. That being said, the risk is lower when opening a franchise. The one-off start-up cost begins from as low as $13,000 + GST & initial kit, depending on your chosen package. A mobile vehicle grooming business with upfront costs of $26,200 will provide guaranteed work that could be worth $52,000 or more per year — that seems like a great deal to us! Because Select Valet is a recognisable brand that brings in customers, a Select Valet franchise is likely to see higher profits than a new independent business. Even franchises that require a high initial investment for the franchise fee see a high return on investment.

Start your own business with Select Valet

Achieve a better lifestyle with your own mobile vehicle grooming business. It's super easy – we provide everything for you, including the customers! Get in touch with us today for more information, and make it happen!