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Overlooked Car Grooming Tips

Man cleaning wheel of car with cloth

Have you tried cleaning your car but can never get it looking quite right? Car cleaning is a tricky business when you are not sure of the best processes, so we are here to help. We go over the most commonly overlooked car grooming tips to help you get your vehicle looking brand new, including carpet brushing, drying tips, rinsing, and more.

Clean the Top of the Windows

Avoid unnecessary smears on your side windows by being sure to clean their very tops. In the top of the window jamb, excess cleaning product can build up, which can then smear or drip down the side of the window right after you spent all that time getting it clean! Wind down your window a little so that you can remove that excess product before it ruins your clean.

Don’t Air Dry Your Car

One of the biggest mistakes people make when car cleaning is thinking that air drying will work well. Air drying your car will leave unattractive dried drips and drops that are outlined by the excess cleaning product left on the vehicle’s surface. To avoid this, use a microfibre cloth to dry off each part of the car as you clean it. This will leave your car looking spotless and shiny and maintain the quality of the paint.

Rinse Your Sponge Regularly During Cleaning

When cleaning your car, your sponge or cloth will begin to accumulate dirt, grease, and other irritants on its surface. This becomes a problem if not rinsed off regularly during cleaning, as a stone stuck in your sponge can leave nasty, permanent scratches in your vehicle’s paint. On each panel of your car, rinse off the excess dirt a couple of times and you will have no issues.

Brush Your Carpet Before Vacuuming

Use a strong nylon brush on your car’s carpet just before you do the vacuuming. This process will remove any larger debris that might otherwise clog your vacuum, but more importantly, it will loosen up the carpet fibres. This allows the vacuum to suction up the dirt that has become embedded deep into the carpet, which will ultimately prolong the carpet’s lifespan.

Keep Out of the Sunlight

Cleaning your car in the sunlight can have some bad outcomes for your car. Washing your car in the sun can make the water on the car’s surface dry off before you are able to wipe it down with a cloth, leaving massive streaky blotches on your car’s paint. The car’s metal surfaces can also heat up and react negatively when being splashed and cooled down with cold water. Clean your car on a cloudy day, or even better, underneath shade!

Hire Professionals at Select Valet

While these tips will help you clean your car at home, the best way to get your car looking brand new is to invest in a car valet . The friendly team at Select Valet will be happy to assist with a range of packages for your car’s exterior and interior. Enquire today to find out how we can enhance the look and longevity of your car.