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How Does a Select Valet Franchise Work?

Person cleaning car wheels at a mobile car cleaning franchise

How Does a Select Valet Franchise Work?

It’s never been easier to start your own business than with a Select Valet mobile vehicle cleaning franchise. It’s your ticket to freedom and will help you achieve a better lifestyle. You get to make the decisions and schedule jobs to fit your lifestyle — you hold the power to liaise directly with your customers to choose when you work. Keep reading to learn more about how our mobile car cleaning franchise works and how it can work for you!

The Basic Idea

By franchising, Select Valet replicates or clones our business in other geographic areas by granting the right to you (the franchisee) to operate the same business system under the same name. The franchisee receives their income from marketing a desirable product or service under a desirable brand name. Once you’re the boss you can make decisions that influence your success and prosperity. You can manage and enjoy a rewarding balance between valet work and family commitments.

Start with No Experience

We provide everything you need to run a mobile vehicle grooming business. It doesn’t matter if you have no experience because we have a team of experts available to support you as you need it. The award-winning Select franchise system is based on years of experience and success. Our role is to share all the infrastructure, support, knowledge, and training with you.

Because your success is our success, it’s in our best interest to help you every step of the way. We have a friendly team of experts on standby who are ready to help as you need it. Learn and prosper from the best by tapping into our award-winning expertise and experience. We’ll share everything you need to build your mobile vehicle grooming business, from tools and techniques to valet business management.

Only Pay a One-off Start-up Cost

The one-off start-up cost begins from as low as $12,000 + GST & initial kit, depending on your chosen package. A mobile vehicle grooming business with upfront costs of $25,200+GST & initial kit will provide guaranteed work that could be worth $72,000 or more per year — that seems like a great deal to us!

Begin with Guaranteed Work

Select Valet offers a range of starting packages to suit your preferred work level. Yes, that’s right, you can choose how much valet work you want, and we’ll provide you with the initial customers required to meet that target. That’s the Select Guarantee. You can then increase your mobile vehicle grooming business by growing your customer base over time. And by providing a superior car valet service, you’ll find that you can establish a great relationship with a loyal group of customers.

Want to learn more about Select Valet’s franchising packages?

If you are interested in buying a Select Valet franchise or you want to receive more detailed information about the Select Valet franchise, including the package prices and options, get in touch with us today. Break free from the tedious 9 to 5 work routine and become inspired to reach your life goals.