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What Does a Car Valet Service Include?

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What Does a Car Valet Service Include?

If you have been considering getting your car valeted, but aren’t sure what it actually entails, don’t worry! We have broken down all the different service options that are available from Select Valet. Whether your car interior needs a deep clean or the exterior needs a rinse, we have different packages available to suit all your car valet service needs! From a quick car wash to a complete carpet & upholstery shampoo, from one seat to a full groom, from regular grooming to getting a vehicle ready for sale, we do it all. Read on to find out what a car valet service includes.

Interior cleans

Interior valeting services come in various levels, depending on the package selected. Most interior valeting packages include a vacuum, cleaning the steering wheel, windows, plastics, and seats. Some packages also include the dashboard, boot, and door sills. The next level up includes protecting the interior surfaces using leather conditioners and Interior Surface UV Protection Coating, known as “Interior Protectants.” If you have kids who frequently travel in your car or you often take your dog for a ride, our interior valet packages are a great option. Our interior packages start from $59.00.

Our Interior Valet Packages Can Include:

Exterior Cleans

The first step for most valets is to clean the vehicle's exterior. There are many different techniques and levels to this cleaning process. The Select Valet team are extensively trained in all aspects of vehicle grooming. We are committed to providing you with the most convenient professional service possible.

We will remove as much dirt as possible before washing the paintwork using a mitt. Then we perform a contact wash, using our unique waterless washing method specifically designed to be gentle on the paintwork, which will leave your car shining. We also offer cleaning of the wheel-face, wheel barrel, arches, and tires. If you drive on unsealed roads or muddy areas, an exterior valet service would be perfect for you.

Our Exterior Valet Packages Can Include:


At Select Valet we have a huge range of extras that can be added on to any of our mobile car grooming services. These include everything from pet hair removal to exterior signage removal.

Why choose Select Valet for your car grooming needs?

At Select Valet we understand that you take pride in the appearance of your vehicle. So do we. We offer a complete range of services for cars, vans, 4wds, utes, trucks, buses, boats, and motorbikes. Our mobile grooming service comes to you at either work or home when it suits you. We bring everything we need from power to shelter AND take everything away again, including the dirt! Get in touch today to organise a valet for your car!